Trying to find your first property as a first home buyer can be a daunting experience. With a plethora of options on the market at any given time and an exhaustive range of promotions out there, the whole process can be overwhelming.

To be truly satisfied with your purchase it’s important to strike a balance between affordability and lifestyle. That is finding a property that’s within your budget and accommodates the lifestyle you desire.

At Halcyon Subiaco that balance is just right, coupled with amazing buyer incentives this makes the range of boutique apartments on offer the perfect purchase for Perth first home buyers.


Affordable Foot On The Ladder

With 1-bedroom apartments starting at just $330k Halcyon is perfectly priced for first home buyers to get their foot on the property ladder. Additionally, it’s extremely rare to find boutique apartments located this close to the Perth CBD at such an affordable price. In fact, the median house price in Subiaco as of writing this is $1.25 million according to realestate.com.au, which means you’re getting in at just a fraction! That also means as a first home buyer, you’re getting all the benefits of living in an area (amenities, shopping, education, entertainment, close to the CBD) that has the same advantages as someone that buys a house for $1.2 million. Not only does that tick a lot of boxes for someone looking for a great location, this also makes perfect sense if you’re looking for the right ingredients to drive growth in a property.

At Halcyon you can rest assured knowing you’re purchasing in a ‘lifestyle’ suburb with a rich history and promising future meaning property prices aren’t subject to drastic fluctuation. In fact, Subiaco has been tipped for 24% growth in population by the year 2036 meaning an increase in demand for homes in Subiaco will likely drive prices up further.

Being your first home, purchasing an apartment in contrast to a house is also a far more affordable solution with much far less risk involved. Climbing the property ladder doesn’t have to be a rushed process and apartments are a great place to start. What is important however, is moving steadily and within your means.

Which is why opportunities like Halcyon, are providing the perfect opportunity for many first home buyers to own their first home that will position them well in the market without having to relinquish lifestyle or location something we all value highly.


100% Stamp Duty Covered

When we’re looking for our first home, we often forget about or don’t realise the range of additional costs that can hinder a property purchase such as stamp duty. Stamp duty is a tax levied by all Australian territories and states on property purchases. The stamp duty a buyer pays is based on the property purchase price, location and loan purpose.

In 2019, the state government introduced a 75% rebate for all off-the-plan apartment purchases which has been a massive help for all new apartment buyers across the board. If you’re a first home buyer, this could be a huge potential saving depending on the property you buy and a deal you can’t afford to say no to. In some instances, saving you thousands!

Halcyon developers, Celtic Properties have decided to further sweeten this deal by covering the extra 25%. Yes, that means 100% of your stamp duty expenses are now covered! *See terms and conditions

There’s also a range of other government support initiatives including the First Home Owner Grant (FHOG), Keystart Allowance and the First Home Loan Deposit Scheme which can all help alleviate that initial financial strain and get you into the apartment you’re looking for. Find out more about these initiatives here.


Lock and Leave Lifestyle

Apartments uniquely offer residents a lock and leave lifestyle. If you’re not familiar with what this term means think flexibility to travel, less maintenance, increased security and in general a better quality of living.

Essentially apartments don’t have the same demands as a house and therefore offers residents more opportunity to lead the lifestyle they want. For example, deciding to pick up and go travelling or just simply socialising with friends, up keep and maintenance is very minimal giving you the freedom to do what you want, when you want.

For this reason, purchasing a brand new apartment can be a good way to ease into property ownership. It provides the full experience of owning a home independently without having the additional burden of ongoing maintenance and renovations. Additionally, as an owner you’ll get a good sense of what you like and what you don’t like in relation to living environments which will assist you in your future property purchases.

If you’d like to find out more about your perfect first home purchase contact us today for a free consultation session or to register your interest in becoming a new owner of a Halcyon apartment. Our friendly project management team would be more than happy to talk you through the range of apartments and financing options available to you.